Charleston SC Dance Classes for Adults


Carolina Dancesport’s Bronze Program is for the highly skilled social dancer looking to take their ability to the next level. This program is for the advanced dancer who is committed to their craft and wishes to attain elite status.



Carolina Dancesport’s Silver Program is for elite dancers with ambitions beyond social dancing and require a higher level of instruction. This program is for aspiring competitive and professional dancers of exceptional ability who possess the desire and drive to one day enter the professional arena.



Carolina Dancesport’s Gold Program is for competitive and professional calibre dancers wanting the highest level of instruction.
Life-long dancers looking for a place to receive instruction from or dance with their contemporaries look no further. Carolina Dancesport wants to be the home for Charleston’s dancing elite.

Sign up for our Charleston SC dance classes for adults with our Foundation Program. Call 843-343-5740 for more information about our dance lessons.