When it comes to dancing and learning to dance people have hundreds of questions.

Here are some of the most frequently asked:

Q- How long will it take for me to learn to be a good dancer?
A- That depends on many factors, like the frequency of lessons taken, the number of dances you choose to learn, your previous knowledge of the dances being taught, and of course your attitude toward learning.  As an example, if a person has the “I Can” attitude we can get you to your goal very quickly as opposed to those that have the “I Can’t” attitude.  They tend to take more encouragement and reassurance in order to help them achieve the desired results associated with becoming a quality dancer.

Q- How often should I take my lessons?
A- That depends on how good you want to be.  There are 168 hours in a week.  When a person comes once a week for their lesson, there is a tremendous amount of review required that could be avoided by keeping regular and consistent training.  The positive side of Carolina Dancesport is we offer classes at all times of the day as well as in the evening for our clients to attend.  Coupled with regular and consistent practice sessions, the student can move through the levels quite quickly if they utilize all the functions the studio has to offer.  With the right mix of regularity of instruction and attitude the client should be at their peak within no time.

Q- How much do lessons cost?
A- Well at the Carolina Dancesport our private lesson price is $95.00 per 45 minute session!

Q- What will lessons cost after my first lesson?
A- We base everyone’s program recommendation on two things: One, what are you learning and Two: What kind of a learner are you.  Once we’ve determined those two factors it’s quite easy for us to recommend one of our two Beginner Programs.  They consist of an excellent mixture of the three types of training we offer.  Private instruction, Group instruction as well as the practice sessions.  With those three tools anyone can become a competent dancer in no time!

Q- Do I need any special attire to learn to dance?
A- No, not to start out with.  It will eventually become very helpful if the student invests in a pair of good quality dance shoes.  Think of it in these terms, golfers wear golf shoes, bowlers wear bowling shoes, dancers wear dance shoes.  The more adept you become at your dancing the more your feet play into the grand scheme of how good you become.  Certain dances require the use of certain parts of your foot, and as such, dance shoes are designed to improve your ability to perform and execute the steps with greater ease.

Q- I’m 83 years old and have never taken dance lessons.  Am I to old to start now?
A- Absolutely not!  Dancing can be an enjoyable pastime for people ages 3-103!  Our oldest student is 102 and the youngest is 3!  If you love music, love to move and enjoy having fun while getting a mild form of aerobic exercise then Ballroom dancing is for you.

Q- Do you offer competitive dancing?
A- Yes.  We have expert instructors who are trained to get the students ready for competition dancing.  Not everyone is cut out for it, but for those who show the ability and proper attitude toward learning, competitive dancing is quite thrilling!

Q- I’m not ready to come to a group lesson or practice session.  When will I be ready?
A- Believe it or not, you’ll be ready after your first lesson!  When it comes to group instruction or practice sessions we make sure you’re in the appropriate class for your level of expertise.

Q- I have a friend that wants to come with me.  Can I bring a friend and what is the best time for us to come and what will be going on while we’re there?
A- Of course you can bring your friends, in fact we encourage you to!  When you bring them to one of our “Open House Parties” They’ll have the opportunity to see how the studio is set up for teaching and they’ll get to come to one of our “Newcomers Group Lessons”.  This gives them an easy and fun way to get involved with the studio and get accustomed to the atmosphere and excitement that’s involved in learning to become a comfortable, confident social dancer.  And another benefit to you is you receive “Rewards Points” that you can redeem at the studio for all sorts of things like free lessons, shoes, special parties and many other things.

Q- I heard it’s quite expensive to take lessons.  Can I take lessons and it not cost me an arm and a leg?
A- Of course!  We have so many different types of programs that it’s easy to find one that suits your skill level as well as your budget!