Please take a moment to read our testimonials listed below.

As a dance instructor, Josh is exactly what my husband and I wanted when we decided to take dance lessons. He keeps things light and relaxed, always cheering us on with each new success. His demonstrations and descriptive visualizations help me to understand how I should move and what it should look like. The lessons are set at an appropriate pace and can be adjusted according to your readiness. Josh is a gifted teacher, and we are thrilled to be taking lessons at Carolina DanceSport.

– Ashley

I had the privilege of meeting Monica and Jaime Emerine a few years ago in Washington D.C. I was looking for a new dance home. The minute I walked in, I was treated in such a professional manner. Their knowledge about dance, made a huge impression on me. My goals concerning dance were discussed and understood. The staff was amazing. My instructor, Kyle Cox, taught me more in two lessons than I had learned in the 4 months previously. The main thing that struck me was the energy I felt and the fun I had whether it was during a lesson or a at a party!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Carolina Dancesport. Again, I was not disappointed. The studio is beautiful with wonderful artwork. It has such a welcoming feeling, just like I remembered from Washington D.C. but even better!! The staff is incredible! No matter what type of dance you are interested in, you will not be disappointed! Come out and visit Carolina Dancesport! You are in for a real treat!!!!

– Mary Ann Garces

Dear Jaime,

I am writing (very belatedly…) to thank you for the *fabulous* choreography you came up with for my bolero rouotine for the Carolina Ballroom of Cary showcase coming up in October . I wanted something that said “get a room,” and you really delivered! Not only is it a great routine on that count, but it is also sophisticated and challenging, and I have improved my bolero so much just by practicing it. And I want to also thank you for the fantastic coaching on arm styling — “graceful” is not a word that ordinarily comes to mind when people describe me, and I have tried for years to overcome my gawkiness. But in just that one short lesson, you diagnosed my “issues” and showed me what I needed to do — it was life-altering.

I cannot thank you enough! I am really looking forward to your next visit to North Carolina to work with you again. And congratulations on the opening of the studio! All of us here are ready to come to Charleston to celebrate your Grand Opening – just let us know!

Thanks again,
– Marie Davidian

“WOW. Friday night, as I mentioned, exceeded my expectations. It was a huge success. Kyle did an excellent job and everyone had a wonderful time. Even the folks that I really expected to be “party poppers” interacted and had a great time. Many thanks to you and Jaime for having us and helping with the food set-up and “tear down”. Kyle had mentioned when we came over for a look-see that we could use your kitchen and it was, indeed, so very handy. Thanks so much for allowing us to use it. Also, our many thanks to Josh and Olga for the wonderful floor show. It was great and made the evening even better. What a treat to have Chandler and Cameron with us (I taught Cameron in our church when he was a little child so it was so great to see him). The whole evening was so wonderful and our folks are telling us they had such a great time. Some of them are planning to take advantage of your lessons.


Just wanted you to know that this was one of our best times with our colleagues and we appreciate your part in helping us with it.


Dan and I wish you much luck and success under your new business name and someday, who knows, we just might see you again on the dance floor.”


– Carolyn
Financial Management Group, Inc.

“I have worked with Monica and Jaime, they are in the top 1% of teachers, owners and managers I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a dance floor with ! Enjoy Charleston!!! You are in good hands!”

– Dena Lynn Dill

“Working with Jamie and Monica is a joy. You will not find two people that know more about the ballroom world or that care more about their students. They always take the time to make sure that students are meeting their goals and having a good time doing it. They are fun, innovative, and keep things fun and exciting. I will always appreciate my time with them and the information i learned not only to be the best dancer, teacher and studio owner i can be but also to be the best person i can be. Good luck on your new venture guys, i know it will be huge!”

– Darren Cupp, Owner, Darrens Ballroom Dance Studios

“Mr. Emerine was instrumental when we opened our studio about 1 1/2 years ago. He helped us with everything from the structure of our payscale to public relations and advertising. All proceedures were created with the best interest of the student in mind and what would be best for their dancing. His skills with teaching the staff in regards to a soft sales approach is exactly what we were looking for. I would highly recommend Jaime for any studio, new or established, he is a pleasure to work with and has a very apparent passion and enthusiasm for the dance business.”

– Alex

“I met Jaime and Monica when they were in Washington, D.C. As owners and managers of a studio, they were always extremely professional and made the students feel welcome. Also, as a student I enjoyed the classes they conducted. They always made sure you understood the movement and what you were doing, taking care to ensure you did the step properly so you did not hurt yourself. I especially enjoyed it when they had visiting coaches come to help choreograph and conduct master classes. They worked with you to meet your dance goals whether it was just social dancing or dancing competitively and always made it fun. The studio was always a happy place to come.”

– Benie Doctolero

“A friend invited me to go as a guest to her ballroom dance studio. Thinking it would be fun, I went. Jaime was my teacher and after just a couple of lessons, I was hooked. He was fun to dance with, patient, encouraging, and made me feel like a real “dancer”. That was 1995, and I am still dancing! It is great exercise, a stress reducer, and just FUN! I’ve made fabulous friends over the years. Thank you Jaime for introducing me to the world of ballroom! You are the best!”

– Debbie Kiser


Dear CDSC Crew,
Thanks so much for our time at your dance studio.  We learned SO MUCH and feel like we made some great new friends as well!!  Everyone was really nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional!  We enjoyed your studio and the dance parties.  When we return to Charleston next year we’ll definitely return to your studio.
Thanks So Much,
Dave and Cindy Amerine


Dear Jaime and Monica,

After dancing for many years at your previous studio I stopped for a number reasons.  Once I heard you were back I couldn’t help but come in!  Thanks for brining FUN back to dancing!
Mimi Softy