Our Vision

Charleston SC Adult Dance Classes

Jaime Emerine’s Vision for Carolina Dancesport:

I have been a professional dancer and dance studio owner for over 30 years.  I have both received national and regional awards and recognition as a dancer and teacher. Needless to say I have seen every manner of dance studio out there.

After owning and operating the Fred Astaire dance studio franchise for most of my careers I decided it was time to open my own studio that combined the best aspects of the all the fine studios I have been associated with over the years. My vision was simple… open the most complete dance studio I could.

When I say “We invite you to dance your way to a happier, healthier, fitter you” I truly mean it. I thought the best way our members could do just that was to offer an unprecedented range of individual and group instruction as well as a unique selection of specialty, fitness, and junior classes. Simply put we wanted to make dance and fitness available to every person in the Lowcountry no matter their age or skill level. – Jaime Emerine