About Us

Ballroom Dance Classes Charleston SC

Carolina Dancesport’s talented teaching staff is comprised of National and Regional Teacher of the Year award winners as well as National and Regional Dance Champions.

The vast array of dance and fitness classes we offer demands our staff consist of universally skilled instructors who possess the ability to provide every level of instruction.

Our goal is for Carolina Dancesport to be the most unique and complete dance and fitness studio it can be. That starts with us providing the highest level of instruction while creating a environment that appeals to dancers of all ages and skill levels.

It is our intention to inspire every student with Carolina Dancesport to develop a life lasting skill by learning to dance. There’s a class for everyone with our variety of dance classes for adults in Charleston, SC. We provide group and private dance lessons and daily practice sessions in our Ballroom.

Carolina Dancesport offers dance classes for adults in Charleston, SC. Our variety of dance classes serves different interests with dance styles that range from Ballroom dance classes to salsa lessons. We provide private and group instruction that includes a wedding dance program for couples that wish to learn how to dance before the big day. We believe that dance is a great way for you to exercise and have fun at the same time. To find out more information or sign up for Charleston SC adult dance classes, call us at 843-270-1263 or contact us.