Two Students Entering the National Shag Dance Championships

There are few things in this world that are fun and universal. Dancing happens to be one of those things. There are as many forms of dancing as there are different types of people in the world. Dancing brings people together as a community, a family, or a partnership. For those who truly love to dance, they often enter into dancing competitions to show their mastering of the dance from Carolina Danceport, one of the top Charleston, SC dance schools.

National Shag Dance Championships

One of these types of competitions is the National Shag Dance Championships, which is held each year. This year the event is taking place at the Old Spanish Galleon in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Taking place at 100 North Myrtle Beach on January 30 and 31st of 2015, this dancing gala will showcase the best dancers and professional competitors from the Carolina Danceport.

Two Students from Carolina Dancesport are Attending the Championships

One couple that will be attending this year’s event is the shagging team of Jaime Emerine and Pam Jones. These masters of the shag dance will be entering their talents in the non-pro division of the competition. Although Jamie has only been performing this type of dance for two months, Pam has been kicking her heels up to this style of dance all of her life. Her years of perfecting her own dance lend her the time to mentor her partner in the intricacies of this shag competition. Jamie’s quick success with this particular style of dance started with Charleston, SC shag dance lessons.

When it comes to dancing, you do not have to be a pro to enjoy the benefits that one gets from Charleston, SC shag dance lessons. When there is an urge to kick up some dust, the Charleston SC dance schools have all of the moves to get you out on the dance floor.

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