The Top 3 Myths of Learning How to Ballroom Dance for Adults

Many men and women take dance lessons as a fun way to exercise and meet new people. One favorite style is Ballroom dancing. Charleston SC adult dance classes are offered by Dancesport Charleston, who can provide all the instruction you need in ballroom dance to accomplish your goals.

You don’t have to be a competition level dancer to get pleasure from the new abilities you gain when learning ballroom dancing. Many people, however, are hesitant to pursue ballroom dancing even as a hobby, due to mistaken beliefs about this great dance style.

Myth # 1: Video Vs. Ballroom Dance Classes (In Person)

A common misperception is that ballroom dancing is easy enough to pick up that you can learn by imitating a video. Like any new skill, ballroom dancing requires practice. In ballroom dance classes, you dance with a partner and receive feedback from an instructor who is trained in the discipline.

When you try to learn a new skill from scratch, you have no way to know if you are doing it correctly or if something does seem wrong, how to correct it. Charleston SC dance classes for adults at Carolina Dancesport employ only the most experienced instructors who can help you and your partner gain these new skills quickly.

Myth # 2: Group Dance Classes for Adults in Learning Ballroom Dancing are the Best Option

Perhaps you have accepted that you cannot learn how to dance from just watching a video, but feel that as long as you get in-person lessons, a large group lesson will teach you what you need to know. Yet, especially for new dancers, group lessons cannot provide the personal instruction needed to learn the correct moves without picking up some bad habits as well.

Researchers have shown that for every time you practice a move incorrectly, it takes 10 times of doing it right to reverse the mistake, which will add time and effort to the learning curve. Individualized instruction prevents this by correcting an incorrect move as soon as it occurs and by practicing the right move. Individual lessons provide learning plans that are specific to your goals.

Myth # 3: You have to be Born a Dancer and can’t Learn Ballroom Dancing from Dance Classes for Adults

Finally, some believe that it is impossible to learn ballroom dancing unless you were born to do it. Perhaps you have seen those incredible ballroom dancing pairs competing on television and thought it was so astounding only a few naturally talented dancers could ever achieve those steps. The truth is that we all have the potential to learn how to ballroom dance. As for the intricacies and highly skilled technique you see on the television, you can achieve that level with practice, practice and more practice.

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If you are searching for Charleston SC ballroom dance classes, look no further. Carolina Danceport provides expert instruction for couples whether they have been ballroom dancing for years, or have never tried it before. Our skilled teachers go at your pace, showing you the steps as many times as you need, and reinforce your growing skills with positivity and enthusiasm. Sign up now so you can begin the fun of ballroom dancing. Whether you want to learn for a Wedding or other special event, or just as an enjoyable way of keeping active and meet new people, we provide just what you are looking for.

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