Discover the Fun At Our Charleston SC Dance Studios As We Teach the Paso Doble

At our Charleston SC dance studios, we teach the Paso Doble. It is a dramatic Spanish dance first created in southern France. Typically, couples perform this dance as the male plays a bullfighter throughout the dance and his partner is the bullfighter’s cape. This dance is very passionate and taken from the Flamenco.

Excellent Exercise for Toning Legs

In our Paso Doble Charleston SC adult beginner dance classes, we teach various artistic arm movements and powerful steps needed to perform the Paso Doble correctly. The chest should be out and the head held high in pride during this dance.

The Paso Doble is the perfect cardiovascular exercise with its sharp and quick movements. Your legs benefit from the exercise the most because the dancers have to perform quick turns and lunges. It is these movements that tone and strengthen the muscles of the leg. Dancing the Paso Doble on a regular basis will help strengthen the thigh muscles and hamstrings as well as shape the calf muscles.

Tones the Abs

In our Charleston SC private dance lessons for the Paso Doble, we will show you how this dance shapes your hips. This happens mostly because of the quick turns and stomping movements. There also is quite a bit of movement throughout the torso. Many of the dance steps of the Paso Doble also develop the abs.

An instructor for Charleston SC dance studios will explain that approximately 300 to 400 calories are burned during a workout involving the Paso Doble. This may be an excellent way to add variety to your cardiovascular workout regimen. Dancing the Paso Doble is an enjoyable way of getting cardiovascular exercise on a daily basis so you can stay fit. Check out our local dance studios in Charleston today to enjoy learning this exciting dance.

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