How You Can Do the Carolina Shag at Your Wedding with Shag Dance Lessons in Charleston, SC

Dancing should be fun! What type of dancing you choose to learn should complement you, as an individual or your group. There’s only one style best suited for wedding dance lessons in Charleston SC that is native to the state of South Carolina.

Although there are many choices for Charleston, SC wedding dance lessons, the Shag dance style is entertaining and fun for those who are participating.

Known as the state dance, The Carolina Shag is the pride of South Carolina and has a large network of support. The Carolina Shag has a following and is studied all over the Carolinas. People from all walks of life, old and young, are doing the Shag. You can find children from as young as 5 to 85 years old taking Shag dance lessons in Charleston SC. The Carolina Shag has grown beyond its origination on the beaches of South Carolina.

The great thing about Shag dancing is that it can be adapted to many popular wedding day songs, allowing people to witness its graceful and relaxed nature. This makes The Carolina Shag perfect for a wedding! There are many well-known Shag songs that have been incorporated into wedding dances over the years. We can help to choose the right song to best suit the expression of your love while dancing the Shag at your wedding.

We provide private instruction for our client that includes First Dance Wedding Packages with focused lessons for you and your fiancé. We also offer Group Workshops or private lessons to friends and families who will be attending the wedding. When it is time to get the wedding party out on the dance floor, we will help and even join in the fun, because everyone, if they know it or not, will enjoy doing The Carolina Shag.

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