How Ballroom Dance Lessons Make a Great Holiday Gift and What to Wear for Classes

Swing dance lessons are becoming popular because of the latest dance shows. Swing dancing has been around for a long time and makes a fun way to enjoy exercise. In fact, ballroom dancing has many thousands of followers in the United States with regular participants in competitions.

Why Learn Ballroom Dance Lessons?

Learning ballroom dancing is all part of the fun since there is so much more to learning than that presentation of it. Swing dancing comprises many different styles, from the Fox Trot to the Charleston. Ballroom dancing is timeless and beautiful to watch.

That is why it makes the perfect gift for the holidays to give to anyone on your list. Learning swing dancing is fun and makes a great way for you or your loved one to enjoy exercise.

What Should a Man Wear to Ballroom Dance Lessons?

Guys, for starters, you can skip wearing a suit. You don’t need it when you’re learning how to dance. When dressing for ballroom dance lessons, you can wear a shirt and trousers. If you tend to sweat a lot when doing any type of physical activity, then consider bringing another shirt to change into after the class.

What Should a Woman Wear to Ballroom Dance Lessons?

We often tell our students to start dance lessons with a dress or skirt. This prepares you for dancing in costume with your partner if you choose to continue into competition dancing. Wearing a skirt also allows the instructor to see how you are dancing.

A nice fitted shirt is appropriate, but make sure to stay away from wearing strapless shirts or dresses. Once you learn how to hold your arms properly, you will need the material to make sure it bends with you.

Shoe Selection for Men and Women in Ballroom Dancing Classes

In general, starting with a low heal is a good choice. Leather is preferable, but mostly any dress shoes will be fine. Women can wear a short heal of about 2 – 3 inches or buy ballroom dance shoes. We advise against wearing tennis shoes or other sports shoes. These can make it hard to dance in when turning and can often cause injuries.

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